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Mouthmap is a unique and original app that helps you organise and understand your teeth cleaning routine. Our aim is to simplify and support you in achieving excellent dental care.

Welcome to Mouthmap

You’re just a few short steps from starting your journey to improving the health of your teeth and gums.

Who are we?

Mouthmap was the brainchild of three dentists, all Specialists in Periodontics.

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that centres on gum health and the treatment of gum disease. Excellent oral hygiene is key, so we have always had to try and find ways to help patients achieve the high levels necessary. From that came the idea to develop a way to help bridge the gap between the instruction from the dental healthcare professional and trying to replicate that in front of the bathroom mirror at home.


Rajiv, Paul and Dhru, while working with some fantastic dental hygienists and therapists, started to develop a web-based mouth map that proved to be helpful to patients. It was a logical step to try and build on this. To develop an aid that people could access whenever, and wherever, they need to.

Whats in the app?


Mouthmap has a number of unique features that aim to facilitate achieving and maintaining excellent dental health


A customisable dental map that allows the dental professional to adapt it to match the patient’s own teeth and mouth

Personalised Care

The ability to outline what specific oral hygiene aids are used and where  

Help & Advice

Access to educational content to help maintain the proper technique

Online Store

On-line shop to purchase required tools and the ability to subscribe to get your brushes sent directly to you

Why us?


Rajiv, Paul and Dhru have, between them, over 50 years of specialist level practice, and are all involved in educating dentists at various stages of their development.


Understanding how to clean your teeth effectively, the techniques involved, is important in achieving a healthy mouth. Knowing why it is important and the benefits it produces, help build commitment to making the long-term changes necessary.


Here at Mouthmap we aim to show you proper technique, but also with the help of your own hygienist or dentist, make that individual to your own actual needs. Through our blogs and free online education centre, we hope to explain the reasons why these are important to you.

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