Wiki Vape

Real, Fresh and Smooth Taste.

Best flavour and extrodinary smoke.

Wiki Vape Bar 600 e-cigarette vape

Passion, Vitality, Fashion and Humanised Design

We are committed to developing a new electronic cigarette market with unique taste style and bold and avant garde electronic design.


WIKI’s products have passed CE, ROHS, MHRA, FCC, UL, MSDS, SGS and other product quality certification.

tested and certified products


High quality, convenient, easy to use and fresh tasty will bring you to a new electronic cigarette experience

5 star rated


At present, WIKI’s main business is the R & D, design and sales of a series of electronic atomizers under the brand. We always adhere to making products with our heart, transmitting products with love and paying attention to every consumer.

young man vaping

Mini portable, only the length of a pen, easy to put in any pocket you want.

Wiki Vape Bar e-cigarette range featuring 12 flavours